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If you have ever been canoeing or are thinking about it you need to come to the be beautiful Buffalo River. The Buffalo River is found in Tennessee. It is in the counties of Perry, Wayne, and Lewis. The river has beautiful scenery up and down both sides. A canoeing trip on the Buffalo River is perfect for the nature lover. You will see many different types of wildlife and plant life as you float down the river. The river, with its rapids, twists, and turns will offer you all the excitement you can imagine. There are many places up and down the river where you can stop and swim, or get out and enjoy a picnic.

Once you decide on your trip, pick a canoe rental. There are many different canoe rentals located in these three counties. There are many options about your trip you must decide. The canoe rentals offer many different drop off and pick up locations. These trips range anywhere from 6 to 14 miles, and some are overnight trips. I suggest if it is your first time you don't try over 10 miles. Canoeing is not as easy as you might think, and really will wear you out.

Once you get your canoe, life jackets, and paddles, there are other supplies you will need. Here are a few items which you will not want to forget.

1. Sunblock, you really take in a lot of sun on the water and will get burned without it.

2. A pair of sunglasses and a hat. Don't take any expensive ones because they might get lost.

3. Always carry a ziploc bag to put your wallet and other items you don't want to get wet in.

4. Be sure to carry a cooler with snacks and plenty of drinks in it. Most canoe trips last all day.

Canoeing offers a lot of fun and excitement for the whole family. The Buffalo River is perfect for it, too. It is not a very deep river but it has a lot of good rapids in it for even more excitement. You will probably tip your canoe over a few times, but it is fun. The river will challenge you with swift rapids, you will test your skill against it. It offers a lot of excitement for you at every twist and turn. If you decide to visit the Buffalo River for canoeing, you will not be disappointed.