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If you're a beer connoisseur, there's likely nothing you enjoy more than a good trip to a quality brewery. At these locations, you can get beers incredibly fresh, some made just that day! But how do you know where the best breweries are in the United States? Perhaps you want to make a trip out of it and check out many of the breweries in America's largest cities. but here's a list of the top 10 American brewers, as compiled by Christopher Finch, the co-author of "A Connoisseur's Guide to the World's Best Beers."

Anchor Brewing Company. San Francisco, California. This brewery produces Anchor Steam Beer, which Finch describes as a "world classic." They also produce Liberty Ale, which is a local favorite.

Celis Brewery. Austin, Texas. The most intriguing beer produced at this location is Celis White. It's a Belgian wheat beer with a Texan flare.

Great Lakes Brewing Co. Cleveland, Ohio. This brewery is known across the country as one of the world's best. The most prominent beers made here include The Commodore Perry's IPA and Moon Dog Ale.

Mendocino Brewing Company. Hopland, California. This brewery produces plenty of notable beers, including Finch's favorite American beer, the Red Tail Ale. This is somewhat of a British beer with a creamy taste.

New Belgium. Fort Collins, Colorado. This brewery creates Belgian-style brews in the Rocky Mountains. Some beers produced here include Fat Tire Ale and the Tripple.

Pike Place Brewer. Seattle, Washington. This is a small microbrewery that makes some of the fullest beers in the country. This brewer is known for its XXXXX Stout and its Old Bawdy Barley Wine.

St. Stan's Brewery. Modesto, California. This brewery makes some very smooth beers, with hints of German brews. One beer here of note is the Red Sky Ale.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Chico, California. This brewery produces beers like The Pale Ale, the Porter, and the Stout.

Tabernash. Denver, Colorado. Finch calls this brewery's German-style wheat beer, the best brewed in the United States. It's called Tabernash.

Zip City Brewing Co. New York, New York. This is one brewery that produces an incredibly tasty lager. The main brews sold here are the Marzen and the Dunkel.