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Wisconsin offers its visitors some of the most bike friendly trails and towns in all the world. So, if you're geared up and ready to go, here's your chance to experience America's Dairyland in a whole new light!


The closest trail to Wisconsin's Madison capitol, this path begins in the suburb of Verona and winds through farms and villages before reaching its stopping point in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. The Military Ridge trail follows an old railroad and joins the Wisconsin Historic Trail midway from Prairie du Chien to Portage. Scenic vistas, antique stores and county shops abound on this path, which includes both city and country views. Perfect for riders of any skill level.

Pines & Mines - Iron County Mountain Bike Complex

This gold mine in the upper northeast corner of Wisconsin (near Hurley) runs through Iron County. Winding through forested areas, waterfalls, lakes and steeping cliffs, Pines and Mines is a diehard biker's dream come true. Fifty miles of trails guarantee the advanced biker a day of riding like no other. Make sure your equipment is in tip top shape before dipping into this challenge!

(Information and guides can be obtained in Minoqua)

This hilly, but worthwhile, gorgeous trail begins in northern Wisconsin in Minoqua, and weaves its way south, twenty two miles. With multiple stream crossings, more hills than usual, wooded bridge crossings and plenty of woodlands, this trip offers a spectacular look at the northern Wisconsin woods. Cliffy overpasses and narrow crossings make this a ride for medium to advanced riders.


Near Dodgeville in southern Wisconsin, this winding, weaving, all-over-the-place trail will give you chills as you whoosh through narrow gorges and rock sculptures made of limestone and sandstone. The Meadow Valley / Gold Mine Loop is 7 miles of hard packed track. The trail head is found five miles north of Dodgeville at Cox Hollow Beach. This ride can accommodate riders of any skill.


Deep in the heart of the Kettle Moraine State Forest lies this ten mile hard packed trail. Just north of La Grange, Wisconsin, this loop is excellent for slow riding site seekers who don't mind communing with nature and its elements. The woods are thick, but so is the path.


Also part of the Kettle Moraine State Forest, this 4.3 mile path loops the highest peak in the area. The steep ride is wide, grassy and groomed for all skill levels. If you're in the area, don't miss this muscle cruncher!


Running along the Mississippi River, this southwestern Wisconsin area offers numerous trails and entry points. The primary trek is a single track 5.1 mile loop through the hardwood forest area. Perfect for beginner to intermediate bikers who can swat mosquitos and pedal at the same time.


Excellent riding can be found in the Underdown Wildlife Area. Miles of old logging roads, hills, cross country ski trails and small lakes make this trek a real life crisscross through the belly of the Wisconsin woods. Located ten miles northeast of Merril, this site is a keeper for all bikers.


The 220,000 acres that make up the Northern Highland State Forest Area include forty-two miles of biking excitement. Converted cross country ski trails offer a unique mountain biking experience through the Razorback Ridge Area west of Saynor, Wisconsin. Beginners can hop on the 8 mile long Rider Loop which drives you deep into the forest on well groomed, superbly marked trails. This one is well worth the trip.


The Anvil Trails in Northeastern Wisconsin loop into the thick of Wisconsin's Maple forest areas. Choose from three different paths, each well groomed and easily rideable. Access points for all trails can be found at Eagle River.


This 300 mile trek groomed area is networked by the Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association and is a must-do ride for all bikers. Sprawling across northern Wisconsin, this huge grouping of trails takes you through the entire northwoods area. Cruise the in town or rustic routes. Your options are limitless. A great starting point is the Telemark Lodge, though the trail can be accessed at any number of vantage points. Don't miss this one!