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The honeymoon is the one holiday that we all remember. It¡¦s the holiday just after taking your vows and celebrating your new married life together. Wherever you go you are sure to enjoy yourself ¡V you needn¡¦t have to go to the corners of the world, a local hotel is fine. To find the best honeymoon destination, you have to ask yourself these questions before commiting yourself to any one destination:

„h do you want a sight-seeing holiday?
„h Do you want a beach holiday?
„h Do you want to travel far?
„h Do you like or mind hot weather?
„h How much do you want to spend?
„h Do you both agree on what you want from your honeymoon?
„h How long is the break going to be?
„h What time of the year will it be?

If you¡¦ve got the answers to these questions in your head then you are halfway there. Ask your friends where they went and if they have herd of anywhere good to go.
Many travel agents and resorts offer discounts and extras to honeymooners so make sure you tell them this when you go to see them.

You want to go somewhere nice, but don¡¦t consider blowing your whole savings on the holiday. You¡¦ll end up having a wonderful time, but coming home to no money. You¡¦d probably would have had just a good a time had you gone to your nearest town.

Have an idea of how much you want to spend and stick to it. If you find the assistant trying to sell you a holiday that is over your budget, tell them ¡V after all their salary is probably based upon commission so the bigger and more expensive holiday they sell the more money in their pocket.

It sounds obvious but think about what you enjoy. If you love skiing but hate sunbathing it¡¦s ridiculas to think that you¡¦ll enjoy three weeks on a paradise island. If you can¡¦t stand hot weather don¡¦t go to Jamaica. You¡¦ll be away for one or two weeks (sometimes three) so if don¡¦t enjoy it there¡¦s nowhere to go, you¡¦ll have to make sure you will enjoy it before you set off.

Remember to include spending money in your budget, this can be half or more of the total cost of the holiday, however if you go to an all-inclusive resort you may not need as much cash as it is all designed to be there in front of you.

At the end of the day, make sure you choose somewhere you both agree on and that you will both enjoy.