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The Bermuda Triangle,also known as the Devil's Triangle, lies in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean. It has been described as a mysterious dimension where unexplained tragedies, mostly maritime, occur. It is about 1,140,000 sq. km. and is located between the Bermuda islands, the coast of South Florida, and Puerto Rico.

The earliest consideration of the Triangle as a doomed place originated in the 15th century. There were reports of floating gulfweeds being thought as dangerous to sail through. These were based on a navigator named Christopher Columbus' reports.

Some associate the area with other unexplained disappearance and abandoned ships. The earliest recorded U.S. vessel disaster was the vanishing of the USS Cyclops on March 1918.

The disappearance of Flight 19 in Dec. 1945 strengthened the reputation of the Bermuda Triangle. It consisted of a training squadron of 5 U.S. Navy torpedo bombers. The fleet left Fort Lauderdale,Florida with 14 crewmen and vanished after sending distress signals. A seaplane sent for search was also lost. Aircrafts like the DC-3 having 27 passengers in 1948 and a C-124 Globemaster with 53 passengers in 1951 also disappeared. The tankership Marine Sulphur Queen with 39 men aboard in 1963 together with Scorpion, a nuclear-powered submarine with a crew of 99 in 1968 disappeared,leaving no trace.

Media items and the press observed that disasters usually happened on clear days and then vessels vanished after sending distress messages. Some people explained that there really was no mystery and it all was just caused by carelessness, faulty calculations, inability to obey orders and operating in deteriorating weather with low fuel supply, while others blame a "hole in the sky" where unknown forces operate. Some even give reasons from alien abductions.

Scientific minds however, explain that the disasters were normal and there can be logical reasons why they occured. Yet some people still believe the paranormal explanations.