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Tennesse offers many rivers and lakes, with some of the best bass fishing you can find anywhere. They are full of some really nice large and small mouth bass. There is bass fishing tournaments almost year round, in Tennessee. These tournaments are perfect for those who whould like to test their skills against some of the best.

Tennessee offers some great rivers to bass fish on. They are the Tennessee, Buffalo, and the Duck river. These are my three favorites to fish. All of these contain excellent bass and perfect cover for them. There is also many lakes, including Percy Priest, Red Bud, and Reelfoot lake. You might not catch a world record bass here, but I guarantee you will catch some nice ones. So if you get the chance visit one of Tennessee's great bass fishing spots. There is also many other outdoor activities to be done on Tennessee's waters. If you love outdoor recreation, you will love it here.

My favorite lure, for catching bass, is the old faithful plastic worm or plastic crawfish. I really don't like those expensive lures or jigs. In murky waters, I use the brightest worm I can find, this enables the fish to see it better. When I fish creeks, I use live minnows. The minnows give me really great results in the creek. I like to fish around the banks of the rivers. The water is shallow and there is a lot of thick cover vegetation for the bass. These are great places to find that big one, especially where trees have fallen in the water.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend you take a trip to one of Tennessee's lakes or rivers. You will experience some excellent bass fishing. I promise you will not be disappointed, with the bass it has to offer. I believe some of the best fishing is between the months of March through August. So what are you waiting for? Get out your boat, and rod and reel, and hit the water.