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Barcelona is a different city during the day and the night. During the day the place is dirty, has cigarette butts everywhere, and poverty is quite apparent. The city still has some beautiful churches and sites, however, overall the fun starts in Barcelona at night.

The Catalan of Barcelona do not eat dinner until 10-12 PM. This means that one does not start hitting the discos until 1AM. The place to be is the old Olympic village on the Mediterranean Sea. The restaurants have delicious seafood and lots of alcohol to start your journey. After eating it's late and time to start partying.

The Olympic village has 40-50 discos that all try to attract the women with special gimmicks. Some places advertise free drinks for all girls while others offer special types of music or special themes. The places all have loud music and the dancing is unreal. The people do not quit. They dance for hours on end without taking a break (except for the occasional kiss).

These discos do not start closing until 6 AM where the parties hit the streets and the people stay out until late in the morning dancing to the newest Techno or Spanish rhythms. The people are friendly and want to show you a good time.

By the time the party ceases the people go back to bed, wake up in the afternoon and repeat the process. This city is wild.