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Queenstown, New Zealand, is the adventure capital of the Southern hemisphere, where you can do just about anything to give you a mild adrenaline surge or a near-death experience.

If you want a day of action packed adventure that gives you a physical and mental challenge that you will remember forever, sign up for The Awesome Foursome Challenge. This is a well established adventure package consisting of a stunt helicopter ride through a gorge, a bungy jump from a bridge, a "wild" jetboat ride and, to round off the day, a rafting trip down several miles of class IV rapids. If you get the urge to sign up for this incredible day here's what you can expect.

The day begins at the "Awesome Foursome" home base for a weigh-in so that the required length of bungy cord can be calculated. Believe me, this is the time when no one lies about his or her weight. You do not want that elastic stretching too far! You fill in a myriad of forms and waivers recklessly abandoning your fate to the Gods above with no legal comeback. Then it's out to the heli-pad to board the helicopter for the first action of the day. This is the fun part, but most people are too preoccupied with the impending leap of faith from the bridge to really enjoy it. The pilot will gallantly do his best, swooping low and angled towards the gorge walls and veering up abruptly.

A few minutes into this, sensing no reaction he will resignedly start a more controlled kind of flying and begin pointing out local landmarks. My advice is to sit back and enjoy feeling your heart pump at its normal rate. If you're human, this sensation will not last long-just about 20 minutes in fact. Then you will be approaching Skipper's Canyon where you will throw caution and common sense to the wind and leap from a bridge one hundred and twenty nine feet above the river.

Here you will be given your instructions on how to bungy jump-for most people the truly "awesome" apart of the package. Don't worry- the instructions aren't too complex.

A burly safety instructor will count down from three and then you hurl yourself from the bridge into thin air tethered by only a thick rubber band around your ankles.

Simple, huh? You will be weighed again to ensure that you haven't lost a pound or two through nervous sweat and other bodily functions. Then watch with a combination of terror and fascination as a cotton towel is bound around your ankles and the elastic bungy cord secured. Bunny hop to the take-off platform and take a look around you. Skipper's Canyon is a truly gorgeous place-dramatically remote and beautiful.

With a gallant smile for the cameraman in the pick up boat down below, aim for a graceful swan dive through the air. If you only manage a sort of dying duck impression, like me, that's fine too. However you take the plunge the sensation as you fly through the air will be incredible-unforgettable. There are not enough superlatives to fully explain the tremendous adrenaline surge or the raging hormonal high and ridiculous feeling of achievement this rash act will engender in you.

To fly through the air free as the proverbial bird will leave you with a heightened sense of living.

The third stage of the challenge, the "wild ride" on the jet boat may seem quite tame afterwards. It's exhilarating in its own way but not to the same degree as the leap as you're feeling pretty invincible at this point.

Prior to the white water rafting, the final challenge, you will be given a sobering safety lecture in an attempt to bring you back down to earth from your high. Some more advice here-listen. The bungy jump has a 100% safety record -the rafting does not. While serious injuries are extremely rare, minor injuries can happen quite easily through carelessness. You want be around to tell the world about your death defying adventures, don't you? The trip down the rapids is exciting stuff. The gorge is narrow so the water is fast flowing and the rapids frequent. Soon you'll be caught up in that adrenaline rush again-if it ever left you.

It's a great way to end an action packed day. Save some energy to celebrate in a local bar that same evening. You'll sit, wobbly and weak yet bursting with newfound self-confidence, listening to the talk around you. It will almost certainly be all about bungy jumping: from bridges, helicopters and even construction cranes-any structure, in fact that will support such a mad endeavor. Looked around you and you'll see that just about every second person will be wearing The Awesome Foursome T shirt or some other graphic depicting another extreme sport achievement-and all wearing slightly glazed, euphoric expressions. The high will stay with you for a couple of days after you've completed the challenge, the boost in self-confidence will last much longer and the memory will remain forever. Do it! It's awesome!