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The Aborigines live in a nomadic and very simple way of life. They use the survival skills they have learned since childhood while roaming the Australian desert, in search of food.

While traveling with their family, Aborigine children try to remember the waterholes and migration patterns on the way. This is for them to know where food and water can be found.

In finding food, they need to have specific hunting skills: they have to be quiet and fast in catching roaming animals, such as the bustard turkey. Once they find fishes in the waterhole, they throw stones in them to create a concussion which would stun the fish. The Aborigines then gather them as they float to the surface of the water. Sometimes,they stir the stagnant pool to get crab-like yabbies to crawl out.

They also recognize food on the way. They eat certain coconut-looking bumps on the ground, yams and the pink eggs located in the leaf nests of bush turkeys.

When nightime comes and they need to make a fire, they first prepare a nice area to light it, and they try to find a flat,rocky surface and remove all the debris like the sticks,leaves,etc. scattered around the place. They then circle it with flat,dry stones. They find a yacca plant and use its resin to make fire. In order to start the fire, they first put an impression in a rocky surface and fill the hollow with resin from the yacca. They rub two sticks between their hands while touching the resin. After that, they fan and blow on the spark while adding dried grasses and leaves.

Once they're ready to cook, they bank the fire and layer flat, dry stones. They then place the food on stones and cover it with another layer of flat stones and earth. They then slow cook it overnight till the meat is tender.

For quick cooking,they bank the fire and place the food around edges or atop shallow layer of coals.

When they get thirsty,they try to remember the location of waterholes and scoop the cool,clean water from the bottom of the pool. The clouds indicate the location of the water. Once they go there,they use a water reed with the moss as a filter, to drink from the bottom of the water.

The Aborigines also show their practical thinking in finding food.They used a method known as firestick farming.This is where a fire was set up to clear the area from the distracting trees,making fresh grass grow.This helps the Aborigines trap kangaroos and other wandering animals easier.They have also planted seeds to grow plants that they could use to serve as their food.

These wise methods of finding food explains the very vast area of grasslands that Australia has. There are also traces of carefully planned damming and redirection in the flow of streams which provides the Aborigines with easier fish farming in Australia.