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At the age of fifteen I went over to the west of France as a foreign exchange student. Shortly after I arrived, during a vacation, a family friend sent me to Paris for two weeks to give a orientation to the French branch of the company he worked for. He wanted me to them the “ins and outs” of America Online (which I was very familiar with.) Of course, he never mentioned my age to the company, simply that I was a friend of his that would help out.

I did not look fifteen at the time, yet more like twenty, and when I ran into the CEO of the company I was dressed up in a business suit scurrying through the halls. Over the two weeks that I spent in this company, I stuck my nose into business that was not exactly mine, however, I did a wonderful job at it! The company is a cartoon company, and they use the internet for their marketing. In any case, the CEO fell in love with my work and offered me a job. With the job came a fully furnished apartment two blocks from the Louvre, a nice salary, and consistent bonuses.

I told him that I would have to consider the offer. Well, actually I wasn’t considering it. I had always wanted to be an internet producer, however, I was simply trying to figure out how to convince my parents. Somehow, after several hours on the telephone (in a telephone booth) I convinced them.

I worked at this company for about a year, I worked too hard, too long, but had fun. After a year was up, my parents decided that my fun time needed to come to an end, and my real life had to start. So back home I came…and I took my GED and got admitted to the University of South Florida.

Shortly after returning home, CBS and Yahoo solicited my experience as a consultant for internet projects. Now I am simply concentrating on finishing college and going onto further schooling such as medical school.

So, how did I accomplish all this? Well, I simply tried to imagine myself through the eyes of others and be who they wanted me to be. I gave the aura of knowing exactly what I was doing, and always trying to be self-confident. I also lied, about my age, but it’s just a number… right?