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There is no good or bad time to visit Aruba since the temperatures are mild year round, there are no rainy seasons and the island lies outside of the hurricane belt. Temperatures average in the low to mid 80s all year long. If you are planning a trip to Aruba you may find the following information helpful to make more enjoyable.

Proof of identity is required to enter Aruba. Residents of the United States or Canada may submit a valid passport, an officially issued birth certificate with a raised seal along with a picture identification card. They will not accept birth certificates issued by churches or hospitals. Naturalized citizens must show their certificate of naturalization and another picture identification card. Visitors of all other nationalities must have a valid passport and/or a visa.

Travelers are required to fill out declaration forms for United States Customs agents to review upon returning to the U.S. Families traveling together may file joint forms. Children born abroad and that have not lived in the U.S. are considered non-residents for Customs purposes. If the value of the items you acquired abroad does not exceed $600 you may claim them verbally along with the price that was paid for each item. You must declare your acquisitions in writing if you exceed the $600 personal limit, exceed the alcohol, tobacco or perfume exemption limits, or bring items in for business purposes. Some items are deemed duty-free while others are taxed upon your return to the U.S. Check with a travel agent or Customs office for more specific details on these policies.

Many medical services are available in Aruba for travelers. They include a modern hospital, dentists, doctors, air ambulance service, medical equipment rentals, hemodyalysis services, and a medical clinic. Some hotels have handicap accessible rooms but it is recommended that you check in advance to see if special provisions are available.

Various religious services are available to visitors on the island. The Anglican, Baha'I Faith, Baptist, Catholic, Church of Christ, Dutch Reformed, Evangelical, Jewish, Jehovah's Witness, Methodist, and Seventh-day Adventist all hold services in Aruba. For more information please contact the church or synagogue directly or ask at the hotel's guest services desk.

Aruba has the second largest saltwater purification plant which supplies pure refreshing water to the entire island. Electricity on the island is the same as in the United States with 110 volts and 60 cycle AC. Aruba is on Atlantic Standard Time, which is the equivalent to Eastern Daylight Savings Time but is in effect all year and does not change. In 1986, the island of Aruba adopted its own postage stamps. Mail can be sent to or received from most other countries. The legal age for drinking and gambling in Aruba is 18 years.

Pets are permitted to enter Aruba when accompanied by valid rabies and health certificates that have been issued by certified veterinarians. Most hotels do not allow pets so please check these policies in advance. No pets from Central and South America are allowed entry to Aruba.

The Aruban florin is the official currency and is divided into 100 cents. Florin currency fluctuates with the dollar on the world market but is around 1.75 florin to a U.S. dollar and 1.34 florin to a Canadian dollar. United States and Canadian dollars are widely accepted in Aruba and banks will exchange foreign currency into Aruban currency. ATM machines are available in Aruba for travelers bearing CIRRUS or Plus System network cards. The home bank account will be debited in dollars at a favorable exchange rate and a service charge may also apply. Before departure it is advisable to check with your bank for details on how to use your ATM card while traveling abroad.

Public transportation is available in Aruba by bus, taxi, or limousine service. Bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, and passenger vehicles may also be rented from a number of companies. Arubans drive on the right hand side of the road. The minimum age of drivers is 21 or older and the maximum age is usually 65-70. Most companies require a $500 damage deposit or an open signed credit card slip. All drivers must be properly licensed as well.

There is a 6% government tax on all accommodations in Aruba. Each person must also pay a $20 (U.S. currency) departure tax when leaving the island. This charge is usually included in the ticket price of U.S. based airlines but please verify this information in advance.

For additional information, you may contact the Aruba Tourism Authority, L.G. Smith Blvd. 172, Eagle, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean.