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Africa is the second largest continent in the world. This continent sits close to the equator and is largely in the tropics. Africa forms a plateau between the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Africa is made up of the Atlas and Ahaggar Mountains, the Ethiopian highlands, and the Great Rift Valley, Africa’s part of the Sahara Desert.

Much of the continent is hot and humid. The parts closest to the equator are filled with rainforest, and receive about one hundred inches of rain per year.

Thirteen percent of the world’s population lives in Africa. These people are divided into over 700 tribes and groups. There are the Arabs, Berbers, Akan, Fulani, Hausa, Hottentots, Ibo, and Massi. Indians and Europeans are also found as residents of this grand Continent.

Agriculturalism is the heart of Africa’s economy. Cocoa, rubber and peanuts are grown on plantations in Central Africa. Along the North Coast citrus fruits, olives and cereals are grown. The Sahara is not productive; you will find few nomadic herding communities. East and South Africa are the richest agricultural areas. Africa is not an industrial continent.

Mining is an important part of Africa’s economy. Zambia contains the largest deposits of copper ore in the world. Africa is extremely rich in minerals, with gold, diamonds, and coal being the most important.