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Even though I am visually impaired, I decided not to let that hinder from traveling a thousand miles by plane. How would I accomplish this with an assistant dog and two children under two?

To be sure everything would go as smooth as possible, I knew I needed to plan well.

I called my travel agent and told them what I needed. After making reservations, I called the airlines to confirm my flight and told them I had an assistant dog and would need the aid of someone transporting us on an electric cart, similar to a golf cart.

When this was all confirmed, I started preparing for our five-hour trip from Orlando to Columbus. Two hours would be in layover, so I wanted to be sure my kids had plenty to keep them busy the entire trip.

For my eight-month-old, things would be simple: baby toys, baby snacks and bottles of formula and juice; then the essentials, diapers and wipes.

I kept all this in backpack along with my son’s diapers and a Walkman radio for him to listen to. Since my two-year-old was not toilet trained fully, keeping him in diapers helpful so I would not have to negotiate the plane or airport for restrooms; although I’m sure we would have gotten plenty of help if needed.

I bought a backpack for my son and filled it with new fun toys and electronic toys for preschoolers. I didn’t show him his backpack until we were on the plane for I wanted this to be new and exciting for him.

Being visually impaired, I wanted my kids to be close to me. For my eight-month-old I had a Snugli Pac, which I carried her in. This kept my hands free and her close. My son, being two, needed a little more freedom, so I kept him on a child leash. This enabled him to move around with out wandering off.

It is also good to bring something that maybe of security for your child. For my son we brought his blanket and pinned it on his backpack. This made him feel comfortable where ever he went.

Because of in-depth thought and much planning, our trip went great. When you brave such things, you will be amazed at how much help you get from all the people you encounter.