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Taking the kids on a long road trip or even flying can be stressful. To eliminate some of the tension, be prepared! Many moms and dads almost dread vacation.

They fear those endless questions. You know the ones that I mean. "How long until we get there, Mommy?" "How much farther?" "When are we gonna stop?" Yes, they may still ask the questions, but after using some of these tips maybe they will ask less often at the very least.

These ideas will help to occupy your kids whether you are traveling by car, cruise ship, bus, or airplane. If it is a long road trip, you will need to pack many things to keep them occupied.

Here are some ideas on how to have a pleasant road trip. First of all, a week before you leave, make a list. Here are a few things to add to the list:

Supplies for the Trip:

1. Books (Especially puzzle books and coloring books)
2. Paper Dolls
3. Magazines
4. Blank Paper for Drawing
5. Small Travel Games: Monopoly, Yatzee, Etc.
6. Barbie or Ken
7. Small Set OF Leggos
8. Small Set of Checkers (magnetic)
9. A Pillow and a Blanket (car travel)
10. List of Songs and Popular Road Games
11. Portable C.D. Player or Tape Player

First of all, have plenty for the kids to do. Make sure there are plenty of books! Whether it is a puzzle book, a GI Joe coloring book to color, or a drawing pad, keep those hands busy!

Always buy extra magazines, workbooks, and coloring books before your vacation. This should also keep them occupied on those rainy days in the hotel too.

Bring Snacks!

Pack snacks for the trip that your kids enjoy, especially fresh and dried fruit. Granola bars and snack packages of crackers with cheese are another good choice. Also be sure to buy juice bottles or bottled water for the trip.

Avoid These Snacks!

Snacks with a lot of sugar will make the kids much too hyper and cranky. Try to stay away of chocolate, candy, cake, and other sweet treats.

Fun Songs and Games:

On long road trips, singing helps the miles to fly by quickly. Play the license plate game where you look for a certain state's license plate. When you find that state you get a point. Add up the points, and keep tabs.

Another fun game is I spy. One person in the car says, "I spy something red." Another person tries to guess what is red. This goes on until someone gets it right and then it is his or her turn. This game will also make the trip go faster.

Air Travel:

What if you are traveling by plane? Well, here are a few great tips for plane travel with children. First of all, have them bring a carry on. Make sure that the kids pack all the fun things that they want to bring but be sure to tell them that THEY will carry the duffel bag.

These ideas and tips should help you to keep the stress away. Remember to always be prepared when traveling with kids. Enjoy your vacation!