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Moving houses needn’t be a chore. It’s true it can be stressful and long-winded, but by making it fun it will be more of an outing and less of something to dread. Having children to help (not hinder) will add to the fun. Keeping them busy and giving them small jobs to do will keep them under control and give you less to worry about.

1. Give them each a page of coloured stickers and help the movers by sticking all the blue stickers on the bathroom objects, yellow on the kitchen ones etc. It’ll give the kids something to do and make one less job for you.
2. Involve them in helpful games like the first one to pack their belongings into the boxes gets a treat of some kind.
3. Let them plan where they want their furniture in their new rooms, wallpaper, etc.
4. If you’re driving across town, make up a little picnic to eat at a stop-off point. This will give you a rest and make time for a hearty lunch after all that work.
5. Get them involved with moving light objects into your new house and ask them where they think they should go.
6. When you get to the new house set up a sand pit or games in the front garden to keep them from getting bored.
7. Let them decorate their new rooms. Give a big treat to the first person who unpacks their items the fastest.
8. Ask them to go and make friends with the local children.
9. Get all your friends and family to help you. It will be more enjoyable when you’re not the only one doing the work, and it’ll take half the time to get organised. Afterwards thank them with a barbecue in your new home.
10. Let the children bring one game to play in the car on the way to the new house – choose something which will take a while to play.

Once the children have something to do they can be left to play, leaving you and your friends time to get the new house together and to prepare the barbecue.