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Whether you live in the Chicago area, or are just planning a visit, here are some great kid-friendly restaurants that will please the parents in the group as well:

Leonas (multiple north side locations)- Leonas claim to fame is their pizza, but the burgers and chicken can't be beat. Your child will love the warm bread with pizza sauce and the coloring book and crayons will keep them busy. The Roger's Park location even has a free indoor movie room where your kids can watch Disney movies after they finish dinner.

Ed Debevics - (640 N. Wells) This loud 50's diner is a kid favorite. The waitresses are sassy and stop serving periodically to dance on the tables. Burgers, chicken fingers and grilled cheese are sure to please. For dessert, try the world's smallest sundae.

Foodlife - Located in Water Tower Place, this upscale food court has pizza, pasta, burgers, baked spuds and just about anything you're hungry for. Each person in your group can sample a different food, all while dining at the same restaurant.

Dick's Last Resort - (North Pier) BBQ is the word here with ribs and chicken served at long picnic tables. Even the adults wear bibs here! The place is very noisy and a screaming child will not even be noticed. After dinner, you can stroll around the shops at North Pier.

Gold Coast Dogs - multiple locations - Not just your average hot dog place, this upscale fast-food place serves hot dogs as well as swordfish sandwiches and great grilled chicken breast sandwiches. Perfect for the kid who wants another hot dog and the parent who doesn't.

R.J Grunts, Lincoln Park - A favorite from the 70"s has a large children's menu with the basics as well as a great salad bar and burgers and BBQ. Conveniently located across the park from the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Gino's East - (633 N. Wells) When you're craving true Chicago style pizza, Gino's is the place. Expect long, long waits and come hungry!

You can also try a variety of differnt restaurants by taking a drive to either Little Italy or Chinatown. (Both about 10 minutes from downtown). Both areas feature ethnic cuisine, much of it at very reasonable prices. Jump in a taxi and ask them to take you to either Chinatown or Little Italy and wander around until you find a restaurant that suits your fancy. Your kids will enjoy the local flavor and decorations as well.