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If you take your pet on vacation with you, make sure it’s the kind of vacation where you can spend a lot of time together. If you’ll be touring art galleries or museums, you’ll be better off leaving your pet at home with a pet sitter. Your pet won’t like the long hours of confinement in a motel room, unless it’s a cat. Cats are more able to adapt to being alone for an extended period of time.

When traveling with your dog in a car, plan on stopping at least every couple of hours for walking, stretching, and a drink of water. Take along a jug of water, your pet’s water bowl, and his favorite food, of course.

If your dog is high strung, it’s best not to take it along on vacation with you. Hotel and motel managers don’t allow barking dogs on the premises. They have to keep other guests in mind, of course.

Climate of your destination is a factor as well. Make sure your pet can adjust to it. Keep in mind that unattended pets are not looked upon favorably. They must accompany you wherever you go. This can be a problem in a hot climate, as it’s unsafe to leave your pet in the car, and it may be against the law as well.

Your dog must have a collar with current tags for identification in case he gets lost. Also make a tag giving your name and the address and phone number of the place where you are staying. Carry with you a recent photo of your pet, too.

Other things to take along are your pet’s favorite blanket or bed, grooming tools, any medication your pet might be taking, your pet’s vaccination record, a pooper scooper, a supply of plastic bags and paper towels, old towels to dry your pet and last of all, your pet’s rabies tag. Hotel and motel managers often ask to see vaccination records and rabies tags.

Always check the hotel or motel rates for pets. They usually do have a fee. They can range anywhere from $2.00 to $500, so be sure to ask about it. If they ask for a deposit, that will usually be refunded. But a fee will not be. Make sure you find out before hand, so you don’t get a surprise when it’s time to pay your bill. If you go well informed and well prepared, you and your pet should have a happy vacation together.