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The most dangerous places for tourists and travelers are the places most frequented by them. People love to visit nightclubs and bars during their vacation for a good time, but that "good time" could turn into a nightmare if tourists aren't careful.

Con artists, drug dealers, and prostitutes swarm in droves to nightclubs and bars popular with tourists. Their philosophy is simple: get a tourist drunk enough and he or she will do just about anything. Getting drunk gives ample opportunity for predators to walk off with the tourist's money and valuables.

Women or men will play on the opposite sex. They'll make flirtatious glances, dance with the tourists, and ask them to buy more drinks for everybody. Once the tourist gets drunk enough, he or she will be whisked away to the hotel. In the morning the tourist wakes up with a killer hangover and everything missing.

Drug dealers love these places as well. Their products are easily sold, and for much more money than the going rate on the streets. The tourist gets propositioned, and is having such a great time dancing and buying drinks for everybody, that he or she figures "what difference will an extra $100 for cocaine make?"

Locals see "rich tourists" and swarm to them to get a piece of the money action. When the tourist dances with someone's girlfriend (or boyfriend) a fight may be in the vacationer's future, even if it's delayed until the target leaves the bar, to avoid bouncers and telephone calls to the cops.

However, most of the locals in bars and nightclubs will be friendly to the tourist. Some will be genuinely interested, others have a trick or two to get the tourist's money, or to fool the tourist into buying free food and drinks. Friendship and the promise of love are the most common ploys.

Travelers should be very, very careful in bars and night clubs (especially in the poorer countries), or avoid them altogether. But if the tourist can't resist making a few new friends, he or she should bring a few old friends along to make sure things won't happen that will be regretted later.