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People love to travel. It is a fulfillment of dreams. The thought of traveling abroad induces images of romance and adventure. What a couple hasn't imagined strolling hand in hand through the streets of Paris, or being serenaded through the canals of Venice? Traveling abroad sparks images of lying naked on the sun drenched sands of the French Rivera or sipping expensive champagne on a yacht in Greece.

For some people, romance may sit behind the wheel of an expensive sports car as it races down the streets of Monte Carlo. Others may seek a romantic adventure into the Australian Outback with a rugged Aussie. Still others may dream of meeting their knight in shining armor as they admire the artistic beauty of the museums of London, the castles of Germany or the pyramids of Egypt.

Traveling abroad is one of the most romantic adventures a couple can embark upon. Unfortunately, many couple think it is too expensive to travel. You do not have to be a millionaire to fulfill your dreams. Below is a list of inexpensive ways a couple who decides if they can dream it they can do it.

1. Check travel agencies for the best deal. Several times a year many agencies will run specials on traveling abroad.

2. Travel during the off season. Prices are often slashed by fifty to seventy percent.

3. Cruises are a romantic way to travel and they are reasonably priced. Many cruise lines offer a two for one deal.

4. Check airlines for air war prices. Many have their own travel agencies that can save you money.

5. Send off for free literature and collect the coupons.

6. Check your credit union or bank. You may find that you are a member of a travel club that can save you a bundle.

7. Group travel is inexpensive and fun. You can meet new friends and get reacquainted with old ones.

8. Join frequent flyer clubs and start flying for free. Many airlines offer fee air miles in conjunction with motels, car rentals, credit card companies and long distance telephone services.

9. Check for twins discounts and specials with your travel agency.

10. Look for last minute cancellations. These can be purchased for almost half the fare.