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We’ve all been on our summer holidays and came home vowing never to take as many clothes next time, but more often than not, we forget this when it comes to packing again the next year.

Saying ‘I’ll take this just in case’ never actually gets us anywhere, because there never comes a time to wear or use these items. Following a few easy tips will make more space in you suitcase and make it easier when carrying it to and from the airport.

1. When packing for your summer holidays, you have to be ruthless. A good rule is to pack all that you normally would, or the amount you would like to take. Now half it.

2. Think about the number of days you are going for. If a fortnight, you would probably need one possibly two outfits per couple of days depending on if you were thinking of going to dinner at a nice restaurant. A good idea is to choose one outfit to last you two or three days. Then add a dress/suit for those occasions when you want to be smart.

3. Suntan lotion, after sun, bug repellant, hats, sandals, swim-wear, sunglasses etc all come next. Squeeze these down with the creams in a separate bag (this way if they explode on the plane your entire wardrobe won’t be ruined) in the corners of your case. Shoes, underwear and beauty accessoriues can all go in a side pocket.

4. Keep your walkman, magazines, money, passports, mints and other items you might need on the flight in a separate bag and take this as hand luggage. Be sure to take a bottle of water with you and keep taking small sips regularly to avoid dehydration.

5. Try to resist taking your hairdryer – your hair will dry in the sunshine in no time. Forget curling irons, straighteners, hot brushes and go natural. Just think about all the extra space you’ll have for the extra outfits!

6. Roll your clothes, don’t fold them. When the time comes to unpack, they’ll be no creases – so you’ll be glad you left the travel iron at home!

7. Now enjoy yourself! Forget about wishing you’d brought the pink vest to go with the blue skirt and just enjoy your holidays!