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Going away? Don't dismiss your packing and preparations to the last hour. You're going to live out of a suitcase for the duration of your trip. It’s essential that you bring along your life-savers to make your trip comfy if not enjoyable.

If you're traveling a long distance, you need to catch your forty winks on board that plane. Pack a first-aid kit to tide you over the long journey. Include ear-plugs, inflatable pillow, eyeshades or sunglasses, comfortable slippers/sandals, lip balm, facial moisturizer and jacket. Don't forget your own music player and CDs in case you dislike the piped music in-flight.

Bring along your list of telephone numbers for airlines, hotels, rental car agencies, bank and other essential contacts. This eliminates wasting time hunting for that elusive number. Bear in mind that you may not understand reading a foreign language directory.

Medication needs to be labeled with their prescriptions to identify the drug. This facilitates clearing at Customs.

Check that your luggage hasn't retired from travelling duty. Lubricate the wheels if there are any. Its no fun dragging a heavy suitcase around.

Supply a lock for every piece of luggage. Even the canvas bags. If you're afraid of cumbersome keys, use combination locks. Program with your favorite number and tell your trusted travelling companion. Just in case you forget.

Take your electronics equipment with you as hand luggage. Rough handling may damage cameras and lap-tops packed into luggage. Also, X-ray machines will cloud your rolls of unexposed film.

Photostat multiple copies of your passport and insert one in every bag. If your bags are misplaced or the tags are torn away, they can be traced back to you. If you face the ultimate nightmare of losing your passport, you'll have the photocopy to show to your embassy in the foreign country. This helps in getting a replacement speedily.

For your Very Important Essentials, pack a spare set in a different luggage. This avoids going on a wild hunt if you lose your one and only piece.

Clothing-wise, pack only what you need. Reserve space for those tempting souvenirs you're bound to bring home.

Now that you're all set, have a good trip. Bon Voyage!