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It is really hard these days to know how to get the best airfare. There are so many different options. You can call each airline one by one, surf the net for hours, pour through the newspaper travel section, and in the end you buy a ticket because your deadline is looming and you know the fare will double if you do not act fast. Then you still wonder: could I have gotten a better deal?

Your first step should be to call a travel agent. You might even want to call two or three. Ask if they charge a fee (most do not), and if they do is it refundable if you book with them? Give them a time you need an answer by about the lowest fare they can find. If you are traveling internationally ask them to check consolidator fares. A consolidator is a company who sells seats at a discount price, that the airlines do not think they otherwise cannot fill.

When you hear back from the travel agent, ask for all the flight details (airline, times, flight numbers, departure cities) and if they can hold the price. Now your work begins. Take the information they have given you, call the airline they quoted to you, ask them for their price. Look at on the web at 2 sites of your choice that provide travel information. Compare. See if anyone gives you a better deal now that you are armed with information. If they do not call your travel agent back and book!

Finally Ten Fool Proof Steps

1. Call a travel agent
2. Make sure when they quote you it is based on availability and not lowest market fare. This is very important if you are talking to an airline.
3. Verify all the details.
4. For the best airfare you need at least one Saturday night stay.
5. Be flexible in your dates, sometimes a day difference can save you thousands
6. Try to avoid “weekend” travel. Also ask what the airline considers weekend. Some have been known to consider Mondays and Thursdays part of the weekend.
7. Never book the first thing quoted to you.
8. Ask lots of questions.
9. Never assume the person you are talking with is an expert who knows best till they have proved themselves to you.
10. Look at travel magazines; they list a lot of good information sources.