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There are many advantages and disadvantages to direct flights. Many people prefer them so as the time factor is less. For those of us out there trying to save a buck or two, lay over flights are more tempting. This is an attempt to show you all the relevant pros and cons of direct flights and stopover flights.
Direct flights are in general easier. They take less time, your luggage is at less of a risk to get lost, and you are all around less stressed. Direct flights are also alarmingly more expensive than stopover flights. Cost can be as much as double, but some believe the cost is worthwhile.
Stopover flights, as a rule, are more hectic. You get off the first plane and need to locate the next gate. Then it is waiting time. More often than not, one of the flights will be late and you will not make your destination on time. Flights with layovers are usually a lot less expensive. Is the discount worth it?
As a person who does not enjoy flying, I will always try for a direct flight. The fewer times that I have to deal with take-off, the happier I am. I will gladly pay a higher cost to be there quicker without hassle. If my stomach only has to go through turbulence once, it is worth the higher ticket cost.
Now, for others this case is not true at all. Smokers especially like layovers because it is a chance to stop halfway and get nicotine. Some people like layovers to relax in the airport, have lunch, freshen up, or make phone calls. Still there are others who are just too cheap to pay for the extra cost for a direct flight.
In conclusion, it is personal preference as to the decision of direct or stopover flights. Many people have there own reasons to choosing a specific flight. But, for less time and hassle while spending more money direct flights when available are a good choice. Either way you fly, airports are a hectic scene and should be taken lightly.