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Buying a good camping tent is only a part of preparing for your camping trip, but the key to an enjoyable camping trip is to plan ahead. Planning the trip before leaving helps campers avoid preventable mishaps and it gives them options, should something unexpected occur. Many solutions, such as bad weather or simply a crowded campsite can be avoided if campers are prepared.

You also need a few pieces of equipment for your camping trip, such as a backpack, clothing, sleeping bag, food, water and a stove. Wearing proper clothing is also a factor, since it will protect campers from plants, sun and inclement weather. Is it best to wear shorts in the summer and a cotton T-shirt, to stay cool.

How to choose a tent:

Allow about 25 square feet of floor space for each adult and half for each child. For a family of four the space should be at least 80 square feet

Is best to get an umbrella tent. It folds up neatly to fit into a car trunk and it weights only 24-40 pounds, so therefor is not heavy, nor will it take that much room in the trunk. The best material umbrella tent is nylon.

Make sure that the tent provides good cross-ventilation. Look for openings with sturdy mesh to keep out insects, windows that close during a storm.

Seams should be double-stitched with 8-10 stitches per inch. Look for lap-felled construction (the material folded back on itself for extra strength and waterproofing). Good tents have extra stitching at points of stress.

Before taking the tent on a trip, set it up in the yard and douse it with a hose, check for leaks (particularly at the seams).