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I have been a wresting fan for a while now. Most people are surprised when they find out, probably because they think most wrestling fans are male. People also say, "why do you like wrestling? It's so fake?" Well, why do people like, basketball, baseball, football, and other sports? To me wrestling is a sport.

The matches might be pre determined, but in my opinion that doesn't make wrestling fake. When wrestlers go out in the ring to fight someone, there is always a chance that they will get hurt. Owen hart, who wrestled for the world wrestling federation (wwf) had a stunt where would be lowered into the ring using a rope. The rope broke and he died. Another WWF wrestler, droz was fighting an opponent and he got injured really bad and is paralyzed now. Two other wrestlers are going through surgery and intensive rehab because of injuries sustained to wrestling. When wrestlers leave the ring, they are pain for a long time. And you say wrestlings fake? Try telling that to droz, the undertaker, stone cold Steve Austin or any other wrestler.

Another problem with wrestling is the stereotyping of fans. Like I mentioned before, most people think wrestling fans are male. There are a lot of female fans that attend wrestling shows and watch them on tv. People also think we're a bunch of red necks that also like to watch dog fights. That's not true. Well, in my case and a lot of other people's, it's not. Wrestling is just a fun show for me, where I can watch and laugh at some of the storylines. It's just like you coming home from a hard day's work and watching a football game.

So in conclusion, I'd like to say that you shouldn't judge wrestling or it's fans unless you know more about it.