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The NBA and WNBA have both evolved into successful basketball organizations. Both have large crowds and have both have fulfilled interest in their respective markets.
First the NBA does not allow zone defenses. No zone defenses means that every player must guard another straight up. The WNBA allows any type of defense on the court, which makes the game interesting and adds a special dimension.
These defensive differences end up changing the offensive complexion of the game. The NBA players do much more isolation because instead of facing the team in a zone defense, the player is facing just one player. The concept of team basketball is lost. The WNBA players have more picks, more movement, and generally have more team basketball. This results in more organized plays and a more strategical game.
The NBA uses a 48-minute game and tests endurance more than the 40-minute WNBA games. The 40-minute game enables a team to not have to use their bench as much. This can result in the better players getting more minutes and seeing a higher quality game. Unfortunately it takes away from the endurance factor from the game.
The WNBA also uses a closer 3-point line. This turns the three point shot into a regular jump shot. It eliminates a certain aspect from the game. A hard 3-point makes the NBA have more of an interior game and lets only the best 3 point shooters take the shot consistently.
Because of the difference of women's a men's bodies the NBA has slam dunks and more interior game. This is due to the bigger and more athletic bodies.
The NBA and WNBA have many differences. But both provide basketball fans with year round excitement.