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Washer Pitching is a game that has been around for a long time.
WASHERS: It is played outside with 8 round metallic washers, 2.5” in diameter with a 1”
center hole. Four washers should be painted or marked different from the other 4 washers.
They also, should be the same size and weight.
CUPS: The game is played on 2 pits, each with one circular recessed cup as a target. The cups are made of PVC pipe and should measure 3” in diameter by 4.5” depth.
PITS: The PVC pipe should be placed in the ground 21 feet apart.
Washers is an outside game of skill, played by 2 or more people. The playing field consists of 2 washer pits, in which players throw the washers to score points.
Each player throws 4 washers toward the opposite cup. The player throwing may stand anywhere inside the pit when throwing.
First one player will throw his/her washers and then the other player can throw his/her washers. Only one player can score per round, with the one getting the washers the closest to the washer hole getting the points.
A washer inside the cup scores 5 points. A washer not inside the cup, but closet to the cup, scores 1 point. Washers outside the pit is not counted. If another players washer covers the other players washer inside the cup, no points are awarded for either player. It would then be decided who gets the points, by the one who has their washer the closet to the cup.
If one player should get 2 washers in the cup and the other player gets 1 washer in the cup, then only 5 points would be awarded to the one that had the 2 washers in the cup.
Distant from the cup is usually done visually, but may at times require a ruler to decide who is the closest.
The winning game is decided by several ways, if one player should reach 11 points and the other player has scored none, it is called a “skunk” and the other player or team with zero points is out of the game.
Another way of scoring is if one player or team reaches the score of 21 first, the game is over.
Washer pitching is usually won when a player or team has won 2 of out 3 games.
Throwing of washers is usually thrown with a underhanded motion, with the washer resting on the middle finger and with the index finger curled around the edge of the washer and the thumb resting on top.
The washer should roll or spin off the index finger. It should maintain a pitch that should be
parallel to the ground. Washers that flip end-over-end to the ground when they land will usually roll away from the cup.
If the pit is extremely dry, the washers will slide easily. With these conditions, many players
will attempt to land the washer flat, just in front of the cup and let the washer slide into the
With damp soil, the washers do not slide as easily, thus the players will often throw with a
higher, arching trajectory and go for the cup.
Regardless of soil conditions, the soil around the cups, should be packed firmly during the
The stance can be just as important as the throwing of the washers. You should always
throw from the same location with in the pit or the same spot in relation to the cup. Some
players will take one step forward when throwing the washers, while others will stand in the same place to throw theirs. But whatever is the most comfortable for you, is what you should use each time.
The Doubles Game is played the same way as the singles, except opposing team members pair off and stand by one of the 2 holes. You will have one player from each team standing at the opposite holes.
When pitching washers during the game, the one who scores the point, gets to throw first.
A team can score more than 1 point if each of their washers are closet to the hole and the
other players washers does not cancel it out.
If 2 opposing washers are leaning on the brink of falling into the hole, then the one deemed
leaning more shall be awarded the point, theses are called “leaners” .
A perfect pitch is when 3 washers are thrown into the hole, with a score of 15 points, these are called “holers”.
This game can be played with the very young, as well as the very old. If teaching a young child,move the holes closer and use smaller washers.