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There are three major players in the lacrosse equipment battle: STX, Warrior, and Brine. All three companies have advantages but the best company is easily STX.

STX has a varied product line. Their sticks range from low wall to high wall, light to heavy, offset to regular. They have an ability to adapt their sticks to the needs of the consumers. STX’s Viper is the lightest stick in the game, however, when people demanded the offset technology STX continued to make the Viper and then decided to sell an offset version called the Proton (STX’s biggest seller of 1999 and 2000). Also, when people complained about the straightness of the Excalibur, STX decided to invest in making a curved Excalibur called the X-2. STX’s ability to respond to people’s needs gave them a special niche in the lacrosse stick market.

Brine seems to repackage the same stick and resell it as something different. All one has to do is look at the Edge. The Edge is the most popular stick in lacrosse. But when people wanted a harder stick for defenseman they made the Edge Plus, which is essentially a heavier stick derived from the Edge base. When people wanted a lighter stick they made the Edge Aero, which is also essentially the same thing as the regular Edge. And when people want a stick that is not offset, Brine does not make anything. Brine does not seem to have the ability to adapt to change with new fresh products.

Warrior Lacrosse controls the rest of the lacrosse stick market. Their success comes from signing high-priced lacrosse stars like Casey Powell and Mark Million. Unfortunately, the quality of Warrior sticks is quite questionable. The Evolution and Revolution break within days if they are hit in the wrong place. The other Warrior sticks have been so strange and awkward that their popularity basically does not exist. Warrior basically takes the stance that good players use our sticks, therefore you should too.

STX responds to players' needs and the other companies do not. Therefore they have found their special niche in the lacrosse market.