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Sports supplements, are they really necessary for your workouts? That is like saying are lectures really necessary when you could study off of books? Depending on the person, the answer will be different. It is entirely and solely up to each individual's preference and the goal that one wishes to achieve. If one wishes to just maintain one's physical well being then I would probably recommend them not to take the supplements and not to go to lecture and just be happy with Pass. But if your desire is to achieve that pinnacle, that A+, and stand out from your peers then I strongly recommend the supplements.
Supplements are just as simple as it sounds. They are there to supplement your workout and nutrition intake. They provide nutrients that are not common in the whole, regular food that we consume on daily basis, starting with multi-vitamins to norandrodiol.
Multi-vitamins provide 100% of daily nutrient value for all the necessary vitamins. They are ususally considered a good investment for later years since they are low in cost and helps your body get all the proper nutrients that it needs. I recommend it to all people of all fitness levels, from slugs to tigers, to take the multi-vitamins.
Protein is more of a supplement geared toward people who train with weights. When we work out with weights, what we are doing is literally destroying our muscles and we get bigger and stronger muscles because the body prepares for the next encounter with agonizing incident. How does our body prepare for the even? It's simple. It uses protein that we consume during the day to rebuild the teared muscles and more new muscles for the next day. So the protein is a MUST for the people who trains with weight if they seek to gain strength and recover quick for the next round of assault to their body. The recommended daily serving is 1.5 grams per kilograms of your body mass and should be taken before and after workout and before you go to sleep.
Creatine is also a popular supplement that stormed the US. Contrary to popular belief, creatine is naturally occuring substance found in red meat. Creatine works by retaining more water in your muscles, and consequentially, increase in muscle volume. Increase in muscle volume means in increase in strength. At this point some might ask, "I thought more muscle fiber meant more strength, not more water?" Well, that is true, but by having more muscle retained in your muscle, the muscle group tears at slower rate, thus longer use of muscle. Creatine is only recommended for those who are serious about working out. It will volumize your muscle and also help with recovery time. The recommended dosage is 20g for the first week and 3g there after. It needs loading period to fully saturate muscles with the creatine.
Sports supplements are there to HELP you work out and get better results. They don't do the work for you. If there's a supplement in the market that claims you don't have to move a finger, the chances are that it's not gonna work. As long as you work hard to achieve goals, the supplementation will help you get there quicker, if not at all. WARNING: CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR PRIOR TO TAKING ANY SUPPLEMENTS!