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It’s two hours before game time. Every man, woman and child you know has seats to the big game but you. Forget the armchair and television routine, you’ve got to find a way to get into that stadium even if the game is sold out. If you’re in serious need of a sports ticket, a scalper has just what you want.

Isn’t it illegal to scalp tickets?
Scalping tickets is illegal depending on certain circumstances. First of all, only the ticket seller may be arrested for scalping. Ticket buyers are innocent. But this doesn’t make it any easier for a person to find scalped tickets. Security generally does a very good job of
quickly removing scalpers from stadium grounds. And if a scalper is asking for more money than the ticket’s face value, then he or she may be arrested even if they are off of the stadium grounds. Ticket scalping isn’t totally illegal, but the law makes it a rather covert

How much will you pay for a scalped ticket?
Ticket scalpers are known to charge more than $1,000 per ticket for grand events like the Super Bowl or Final Four. But you can generally find reasonable prices for tickets of less grandiose events. If you spot lots of scalpers on the premises, be patient and wait until right before the game starts. At this time scalpers will drop their prices as
they fight to get rid of their tickets. You might even find tickets being sold for less than face value.

Can I trust a ticket scalper?
Well, you can’t trust everybody. Fake tickets are often sold, and the stadium employees can pick them out even if you couldn’t tell the difference. Examine your tickets closely. You should be holding the same ticket as everyone else if you expect to be watching the game with them.