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The game of volleyball was invented by a P.E. instructor back in 1895 in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Today, Volleyball is the most popular game in Asia and Europe. Volleyball is a game in which players hit the ball back and forth across a net with their hands or arms. It is one of the world’s most popular team sports. Men, women, boys and girls are able to play this game. Middle schools, high schools, colleges and adults play this sport throughout the year. It can be played indoors, or outdoors depending on the weather.

Indoor volleyball is played indoors on a court made of wood or other indoor surface material. The teams are made up of six players each. Outdoor volleyball however is player with two players on each side. When volleyball is outdoors it is usually played on sand or grass.

The equipment used in volleyball consists of a ball made of leather. The ball is about 8 inches in diameter and weighs about 9 ounces. A net is required also to play the game. Indoor volleyball is played on a court that measures 60 feet in length, and 30 feet wide. A net suspended across the court divides it in half and is 8 feet high for men’s games, and 7 feet four inches for women’s games.

There are six positions in indoor volleyball. They are the, right back, center back, left back, center forward, and right forward, and left forward. There are two referees and two linespersons to judge the game.

The game always starts with a serve by the right back of the team. The ball is served by hitting it with the hand or arm. The serve must pass the net in the receiving team’s court. The returning team must return the serve by cleanly hitting it with their hands. They cannot catch, lift, scoop, or throw the ball. A team may hit the ball no more than three times before sending it back over the net.

The players on each team try to hit the ball to the floor on the other team’s side in order win the point. They also try to make it difficult for the other team to return the ball. A player may attempt a spike the ball pass the opposing players, who leap and dive to prevent it from touching the floor. No player may touch the ball twice in a row unless the first touch was made in blocking an opponent’s spike.

Only the serving team can score. It scores a point each time the ball touches the receiving team’s floor or whenever the team hits the ball more than three times. The serving team also receives a point if the returning team hits the ball out of bounds or commits a foul. The serving team loses the service point if he misses his serve. Only one serve is allowed when serving.

After each side out, the opposing team serves the ball. But, first each of its players rotates clockwise one position. The first team to score 15 points wins the game. The team must win by 2 to actually win the game. If the score is 15 to 14 than the game will continue until one team is winning by two.

Those are the rules of the exciting game of volleyball. Some may feel that it is a game only for tall people, or only for girls. This is not the case for the sport of volleyball. This is a great game for anyone to play and excel at. Good luck in your next game of volleyball.