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Goldberg and the Rock are the two biggest names in wrestling. Unfortunately, these two giants cannot square off in the ring due to affiliations with different wrestling federations.

Although we cannot see the fight, one can analyze the two fighters and decide who should win based on styles. Goldberg has a very stiff style meaning he takes no prisoners. His experience as a football player has given him a chance to face the world’s best athletes and gives him an added advantage in the ring. He fights hard the whole fight and the speed he shows on his famous spear is surprising for such a big man. That spear has knocked out famous names like Chris Jericho, Hulk Hogan, and Sting, just to name a few.

The Rock has a similar style as he also played football, but only at the college level. The Rock does not have Goldberg’s size or attitude. His confidence and ego can be his biggest ally or his biggest enemy, depending on whom he faces. He’s not as big as Goldberg so it would be difficult for him to use his DDT’s and slaps on a man the size of Goldberg. His speed provides an advantage as the Rock can fight a speed or power match depending on the opponent.

The finishing moves of both wrestlers vary. The Jackhammer of Goldberg is most impressive as he spins his opponent 180 degrees in the air before he’s power slammed. No one has ever gotten up from this move. The Rock’s move is just a simple elbow that he calls the people’s elbow. When delivered properly it knocks the wind out of his opponent giving the Rock enough time to get an easy pin.

Goldberg has the advantage. He’s bigger, stronger and more intense than the Rock. The Rock’s confidence could only hurt him against this big man. The spear of Goldberg and the Jackhammer are much more powerful than the people’s elbow. So, if the Rock fights Goldberg, he’ll be NEXT!