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The point guard position is one of the most important positions on the court. He must always know what is going on in the game and must know where each of his teammates are at all times. In order to be a top point guard in the NBA, you must first master the art of passing and then the art of shooting. Defense also is a crucial component of being an excellent point guard.

John Stockton is the true definition of a point guard. He has played this position for the Utah Jazz for many years and has only gotten better. He is a career leading assist man and he can shoot the lights out at any court. His penetration into the open lanes and his ability to dish the ball for an easy two it what makes him one of the best players of all time.

One of the best pointguards in the eighties and nineties was “Magic” Ervin Johnson. A star for the Lakers was another great passer in the NBA. He was able to find the open man on every play down the court. He was a very unselfish player and he was a natural born leader. He led his team to a few championships and always found himself playing another great pointguard named Larry Bird.

Jason Kidd of the Phoenix Suns is another pointguard that is on his way to being one of the best. Throughout the years he has struggled with his shot, but his ability to pass and play defense it what make him on of the best. He is a big pointguard but he never looks slower than his opponents. He outruns his opposing teams, and out passes anyone on the court.

Another up and coming point guard is Steve Francis of the Houston Rockets. He seems to have a lot of chemistry with each player on the court. His ability to jump is his best feature except for his shooting, passing and defense. He is still and young and immature, but he is surely growing up fast.

One of the best point guards of all time was “Pistol” Pete Marovich. He used to sleep with a basketball when he was growing up. He could pass like no other and score just as easily. His trademark no-look passes and fancy fakes set the tone for all up and coming pointguards of today. In college he averaged a triple double which is a record that will never be broken.

Being an NBA pointguard is not an easy job and it definitely does not come easy to any one of these guys. The true pointguards are those guys who can pass the ball, take smart shots, and lead a team for forty-eight minutes every single game. They have to work hard, and practice just as much as the next guy on the court. They deserve a lot of respect for all the hard work they put into the game.