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The game of nine-ball is a fun change of pace from the traditional game of 8-ball billiards. The two games are similar in the way that you use pool balls, cues, and a table. The object of the game and the strategy of the game are completely different. To play nine-ball you must have two people and the pool balls numbered 1 thru 9 and a cue ball.

In order to begin the balls must be racked in a diamond shape, with the one ball at the top of the diamond and the nine ball should be at the center of the diamond. The rest of the balls can be placed in a random order. The balls should be racked as tightly as possible and placed in the normal spot, behind the head string.

The break must hit the one ball first and cause at least four of the balls to hit the side rails. If this does not happen a foul is committed and the opposing player can place the cue ball wherever he wishes.

On each shot throughout the game the cue ball must make contact with the lowest numbered ball on the table before touching any other ball. The balls do not need to be pocketed in order, but the lowest numbered ball must be stuck first before any other ball is touched.

If you hit the lowest numbered ball first and pocket another ball it remains your turn until you foul, hit another ball in, or hit the nine ball in to win the game.

After a miss, the incoming player must shoot from the position left by the previous player. After any foul the incoming player may start with the cue ball anywhere on the table.

The game ends when a player sinks the nine ball in any pocket. It is not necessary to call which pocket a ball will fall into. The nine ball may be the last ball left on the table, or it can be hit by a combination on the second shot of the game. As long as the nine ball falls into a pocket the game is over.

Good luck when play nine ball billiards and make sure you have fun doing it.