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One of the most common discussions found on sports talk radio is the debate over which NBA team had the best dynasty in the league's history. Of course, there will always be the typical person saying that his/her team is the best ever, but when looking at the question objectively, there can really only be two choices: the Boston Celtics of the 1960s and the Chicago Bulls of the 1990s. A good argument can be made for either.

The Bulls began their run with the franchise's first championship in the 1990-1991 season. But the real road to a dynasty came in 1984 when the Bulls drafted a skinny guard out of the University of North Carolina by the name of Michael Jordan. When he entered the league, there was no doubt that Jordan was one of the most athletic players to come into the league in a long time. His scoring ability was never in question. But what many people wondered about was his ability to become more of a team player and make those around him better. He finally learned to do that, and when he did, the rest of the league was in trouble. In the late 80s, the Detroit Pistons were the kings of the Eastern Conference.

But Jordan led the Bulls by them and into the NBA Finals, where they were matched against the Los Angeles Lakers, the dominating team in the West. Jordan, helped by a strong supporting cast led by versatile forward Scottie Pippen and head coach Phil Jackson, led the Bulls to three championships in three seasons. After the third title, Jordan retired to pursue a baseball career. But to the delight of Bulls fans, baseball didn't work out, and Jordan returned to the Bulls late in the 1994-1995 season. After an exit in the second round of the playoffs that year, the Bulls went on to win three more consecutive titles.

The supporting cast was a bit different with the addition of one of the best rebounders in league history, Dennis Rodman, but the results were the same. Jordan's ability to make the big shot in the big game, the great cast of role-players around Jordan, and Jackson's ability to make everything come together led to six titles in eight years and give credence to the argument that the Bulls are the best dynasty ever.

The Boston Celtics of the late '50s and early '60's were an amazing dynasty, as well. Starting in the 1956-1957 season, the Celtics won eight straight championships, a mark that has never come close to being equaled. The Celtics of that era were led by the man some consider to be the best center ever, and whom most believe to be the best defensive player ever, Bill Russell. Along with guards Bob Cousy and John Havlicek, the Celtics of that era never won fewer than 54 games in the regular season and thoroughly dominated the NBA like no other team. Also, the Celtics had Red Auerbach as coach, widely considered the best ever at his job. He was a master at on-the-court strategy and off-the-court personnel decisions and seemed to never make a bad choice.

Perhaps if Jordan hadn't left the Bulls in the middle of their run, they would have the biggest dynasty in NBA history. But the run of the Celtics of that period gives them the title of the NBA's best team ever.