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Hunting for elk is one of the most complex of the popular gaming sports. It can be rewarding, however, as the head of an elk makes quite a display above any home's mantle. If you want to hunt elk, you should first study the habits of these animals. Know what they like, what they don't like, what they eat, what they're afraid of. Know what makes them tick. You need to know the animal perhaps better than the animal knows itself. Elk can be expensive creatures to hunt, as they often require more expensive gear than other animals. You want to also find out when the proper times of year are to hunt them in your area. Here are some tips on hunting elk.

• Elk are commonly found in wooded areas across the cooler climates in North America. They can be found in Canada and all across the northern United States. The best elk hunting grounds are found in the upper northwestern United States, including Alaska. The Grand Tetons is a prime elk country. About 7,500 elk go to the area each year. Hunting elk on private land sometimes may cost you several hundred dollars and may require a hunting club.
• Elk hunting seasons aren't typically very long. They are limited because the animals can't handle much stress. If they know they're being hunted, these animals often freak out.
• Hunt with someone who knows what they're doing. If you aren't familiar with the hunting ground, it really is beneficial to hunt with someone who knows where the elk are. You don't want to spend a lot of time figuring that out on your own.
• Hunting elk often require hefty fees to gain access to the best hunting grounds. Expect to pay several thousand dollars. But it oftentimes is worth it. Hunting in these prime grounds can mean you'll have an experience you'll never forget. Take your camera with you, you'll get some amazing shots... with your gun and your lens.
• Also expect to pay several hundred dollars for a elk hunting license. You'll need one for each state in which you hunt. Some states charge more for elk hunting licenses than others. Be sure to research this before you plan your hunting trip, because this fee can sometimes be costly.
• You need a rifle that can get the job done. A typical hunting rifle may not be able to handle the job of killing an elk. A big-game rifle can cost several thousand dollars.