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Hulk Hogan (whose real name is Terry Bollea) has lost his ability to draw a crowd to a wrestling match. He has had a storied career as a professional wrestler and was one of the only people to actually body-slam Andre the Giant. Unfortunately his career has taken a nosedive.
For the 80's and early 90's he was the good guy who every body loved. He was charismatic, strong, and friendly. He beat all the great wrestlers in the business. Then his career took a turn south. People stooped responding to the once charismatic blonde superstar. Crowds started to wane. People lost interest.
Hogan jumped companies to WCW and tried to play the good guy again. The crowd was rather indifferent. He was popular but a shell of his former self. So with the advent of the NWO or New World Order the Bad guys took over wrestling, and Hogan followed ship.
He wore Black clothes, had a beard, and made the crowd hate him. He called himself Hollywood Hogan. He got the crowd to say his name in hate. They did not like him, but he became recognizable again.
Unfortunately in early 1999, Hogan decided to abandon the Hollywood bad guy gimmick. It was a slow transition. First he stopped cussing the crowd, then he stopped dying his beard black. Finally he started coming out to his old music. Then he made the full move towards "good guy" status- he started to wear his yellow tights.
Hogan's tights just made him look silly. He looked cool and impressive wearing black. The yellow made him look weak. The crowd cheered for him, but barely, and WCW lost ratings to the WWF. Actually, with Hogan as the main good guy WCW's ratings and attendance have plummeted. WCW gives away tickets and the crowd still seems silent.
Can he regain his past? The past shows the only way for Hogan to become popular is to change his image. This probably will not happen and he will continue to lower WCW ratings and WCW's image.
He also has a hurt knee which severely limits his movement in the ring. Without his health all of his matches are one dimensional and boring. It appears his days of drawing crowd accolades are over.