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It all started in 1958. A little plastics company in Hartland, Wisconsin decided to cash in on the popularity of Milwaukee Braves' baseball players and designed a few life-like statues of Eddie Mathews, Hank Aaron, Warren Spahn and two legendary Yankees, Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle.

The statues were done from drawings made of the players and came in poses so real you'd almost feel they were. They were sold in "dime stores" and at big league concession stands and kids loved them so much the company continued it's work with additions of Chicago baseball stars Ernie Banks, Nellie Fox and Luis Aparicio.
Eventually, 18 players were produced before Hartland was sold to Revlon Cosmetics in 1963.

Today, the statues are hard to find and quite valuable. While about 150,000 were made of the three Milwaukee players, only 5,000 Dick Groat statues ever made it to the public. Rocky Colavito is also scarce with only 10,000 produced. The Braves statues, in white or just slightly off white condition, sell for $100-200 each. The Colavito and Groat can't be found for less than $300-750. Not bad for statues that originally sold for $2.98 and often wound up on the top of a birthday cake!

In addition to the above-mentioned players, statues were also made of Duke Snider, Don Drysdale, Roger Maris, Yogi Berra, Willie Mays, Stan Musial, Ted Williams, and Harmon Killebrew.