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Frisbee golf is a sport that many people have not even heard of, but they can not stop playing once they are informed about the wonderful sport. Playing frisbee golf is easy because it is free. Yes, that is correct. There is still at least one thing in this world that is free...well you have to buy a frisbee first...but other than that, free.
The game is a combination of throwing a frisbee and the object of golf. You play on a course that is similar to that of a golf course and the point is to launch a disc, similar to a frisbee, into a hole. Special discs, sold at many large sporting good stores, exist to play this exciting sport. Different discs are used for different shots. Similar to golf you have a driver disc, chipping disc, and putting disc. Playing frisbee golf involves many of the same skills that go into throwing a frisbee. Once you have purchased a few discs you just need to find a course near you. Wherever you decide to buy your discs, ask the employees where the nearest course is located. They should be able to refer you to atleast one course near you.
The only step left is for you to go out on a beautiful, sunny day and begin to practice your newest found sport. The sport is very easy to pick up and within just a few throws I hope you enjoy it as much as everyone else does. Here are some hints to keep in mind on how to play:
-You will start at the beginning of the course on hole number one at the tee box, just like golf.
-When throwing a frisbee golf disc, try to keep your wrist level all the way through the shot. This will help keep the disc straight while it is in the air.
-Use different discs for different throws. Use a driving disc, smaller and harder, for long distant throws. Use a putting disc, soft and flemsy, for short throws at the hole.
-When you throw the frisbee off the tee box, you will then walk to wherever it lands and start your second shot from that exact spot.
Hopefully you will enjoy this sport as much as everyone else already does.