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The new NFL stadium in Houston has pros and cons. It’s definately an improvement over the old and outdated Astrodome.

Its views will be spectacular and its design is beautiful. A retractable roof provides the stadium with a difference from every other professional football stadium in the NFL. The excitement it will generate in football’s home (Texas) is of course fantastic.

The chance that this stadium will host Super Bowls and Olympics is also great news for the city of Houston and the state of Texas as a whole. It will help the economy tremendously if these events happen.

This is, however, not a perfect situation. There are problems which need to be addressed. The first being the concept of Personal Seat Licenses or PSL’S. These PSL’s make the taxpayer pay thousands of dollars just to have the right to buy tickets. This concept will prevent day of game sales and hurt a middle class or poor person from even being able to visit the stadium.

The price of the few individual game tickets will also increase. The Astrodome had tickets for 18 dollars for the fans who could not afford the high prices. Unfortunately the lowest prices at the new stadiums will come in at just over forty dollars. A 100 percent increase. This will further prevent anybody that is not really wealthy from attending the games.

While a retractable roof is a novelty there are problems, too. The great thing about Lambeau field in Green Bay is that when it rains or snows-it adds another element to the game. It makes things more exciting. The fans love it and it gives the home team an advantage. The roof will eliminate a fun and exciting aspect that an open field could have provided.

This new stadium has many unique characteristics. Unfortunately it appears that the closest the common fan will get to the game will be the parking lot tailgate party.