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Fireworks are incendiary devices that are used at some holidays, such as New Year’s Day celebrations and The Fourth of July. They are loud, colorful, beautiful, and dangerous.
The come in various sizes and colors.
Fireworks include substances that produce, when ignited, sound, smoke, motion, or a combination of these.
Fireworks were made of potassium nitrate (saltpeter), that supplies oxygen. Some other substances that are included are charcoal and sulfur that combine with the oxygen produce heat and light.The combination of these three substances is called gunpowder.
After the 1800’s gunpowder was replaced with potassium chlorate or perochlorate and is still a key part of firework mixture. Different compounds of metal are used to give them color.
The shooting of fireworks is also know as pyrotechnics. The term of pyrotechnics also means the skill involved in the making and employment of such materials.
Safety tips to follow when using fireworks are as follows:
* NEVER allow children to light or play with fireworks of any kind.
* Do not use drugs or alcohol when lighting fireworks.
* Please, read all labels and follow all instructions before lighting fireworks.
* Always light fireworks on a flat surface.
* Always allow a minimum of 40 feet for fountain fireworks and 100 yards for aerials.
* Only light one firework at a time.
* Never extend any part of the body over a lit firework.
* Always light the firework with a long lighting device, such as punk.
* Get away from the firework as soon as it is lit and if it doesn’t go off, leave it alone.
Do not ever try to re-light a dud.
* Keep a water hose or bucket of water within reach, when setting off fireworks.
* Never shoot any fireworks in windy conditions.
* NEVER throw, point fireworks at another person, building, or cars.
* Never set off fireworks of any kind within a building.
* Keep fireworks in a dry cool place and not in your home.
Fireworks can be fun, if used properly and remember always supervise you children when shooting fireworks.
Many children are maimed each year by fireworks, it is your duty as an adult to make sure this doesn’t happen.