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White-tail and mule deer are the most common species hunted. The former is most common and found throughout most of the United States; the latter are only west of the Mississippi River. This is a precision sport. It requires skill, is challenging, and of course, there is the lure of the great outdoors.

Where should you hunt for deer?
Aside from public lands, membership in hunting clubs can grant access to private areas. However, the cost of deer hunting on private land can easily run several hundred dollars.

When should you hunt for deer?
Deer season is usually somewhere between August and January, depending on what region you live in. The seasons tend to be short simply because the deer can not handle constant hunting pressure.

What gear do you need when hunting for deer?
* A hunting license - a must! Some states even require proof of a hunting safety course.
* Weapons - there are three types and each has its own season:
1) Modern rifle - the most common
2) Muzzle-loading rifles - offers a greater challenge
3) Bows and arrows - requires greater skill; however, animal rights activists argue that this can be more cruel to the animals
* Attire -camouflage pants and shirts made of soft fabrics that will not rustle when you move through woods. The slightest noise can alert your prey. A bright orange vest is required in most states.
* A telescopic scope - this will help track your target.
* A good set of binoculars
* Survival kit - this should include something to start a fire because the woods can get cold at night.
* A compass - after awhile, trees start to look alike and finding your way back to your car may not be that easy!

Deer have excellent hearing. Be extremely quiet while tracking. A careless shot can ruin an entire day.
For more information, contact your local wildlife and fisheries department or sporting goods store.