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Baseball is a sport that is not very dependent on the equipment with which it is played. Across the globe, people use things like rolled up socks as balls, fallen branches as bats, and milk cartons as gloves.

But for people who take the game seriously, selecting the correct bat to use can be critical. There are many important factors that go in to choosing the right bat, but most importantly one must choose a bat for the right game.

Although a baseball bat looks very similar to a softball bat, there are important differences, and it is important to distinguish between them. The diameter of a softball bat usually increases up to a point and then remains constant while the diameter of many aluminum baseball bats may increase for the entire length of the bat. All aluminum bats are marked with something that will tell whether it is for baseball or softball use. Once you have gotten into the baseball section of the store, the next step is to choose whether you want a wooden or aluminum bat. All levels of baseball beneath the professional level use aluminum bats, so chances are this is what you will want to get. Only people who play at a very high level should play with a wooden bat since wood is much harder to hit with than aluminum.

The next important step is to find the correct bat length. Generally, the maximum length is about 34 inches, and the minimum is around 28. The ideal bat length should be determined by the player's height: the taller the player the longer the bat should be. Choosing a bat of the correct weight is critical. This can vary from hitter to hitter, so it is best to test different weights before purchasing what could be a very expensive bat. Some might think that bat weight should be correlated with what type of hitter a person is. For example, a power hitter should use a heavier bat than a singles hitter. But this is not necessarily true. Babe Ruth, one of the greatest home run hitters in the history of professional baseball, used an extremely heavy bat of about 40 ounces. In contrast to that, some of today's great sluggers, like Mark McGwire, use extremely light bats of about 33 ounces to allow them to swing with more bat speed. The differences between brands of bats are not that great. It is more important to find a bat that you feel comfortable hitting with, because bats in the same price range will generally be in the same quality range as well.