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Cast netting is a very effective way to catch shrimp and bait fish, but being able to throw it effectively takes practice. Follow this step by step tutorial to learn some tips on how to throw your cast net efficiently.
This tutorial is written for right handed throwing, if you are left handed simply reverse the process.

1. Fasten the lead line around your left wrist. You can do this by tying a loop in the end of the line, and passing the line through the loop creating another loop. Place your left hand in the second loop and pull the line to cinch it around your wrist. Before each cast, check to make sure the loop is still secure around your wrist.

2. Drop the net and line at your feet. Coil the line in your left hand (6"-8" diameter coils) until you remove all the slack from the line with your left hand held about chest level.

3. There is a slider ring on the lead line that is the center of the net. Grasp the ring in your right hand and slide it up the lead line toward your left hand. You will notice the net elongating as the slider ring is moved along the lead line. When you are able to lift the net off of the deck by the slider ring, the net should hang straight down with all the lead weights around the bottom skirt hanging at the same height in a clump ( if the weights are not hanging evenly, you will have to untangle the filaments on the inside of the net before continuing.)

4. Place the slider ring in your left hand and grasp the net about 1/2 of the way to the bottom with your right. Without dropping the coil or the slider ring, pass the gathered net in your right hand to your left. If your left hand seem uncomfortably crowded, you may grasp the net just below the slider ring instead of the ring itself.

5. Grasp a section of the bottom skirt, in between the weights, and place the section in your teeth. Next grasp the skirt at a point, counter-clockwise, arms-length from the section in our teeth.

6. Turn to your left at the waist to wind up and throw the net by twisting to the right and letting go of all points at once. DO NOT FORGET TO LET GO WITH YOUR TEETH.

7. You will know that you are doing it correctly if the net spreads out evenly and has a slight clockwise spin as it flies. Give the net a few moments to settle to the bottom and pull it in, coiling the lead line in your left hand as you go.

8. When the net reaches you, lift it onto the deck by the lead line and empty it by running the slider ring up the lead line.

Have fun and keep at it. Like I said earlier, throwing consistently takes practice.