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Stretching is a key element in almost every sport. It is simple, easy to do, improves flexibility, and reduces risk of injury. The following stretching routine is tailor made for tennis players to warm up the muscles that are specific to the sport. It is well worth the brief time period it requires to complete.

First, raise your arms straight above your head. Reaching for the sky, tilt your body sideways from the waist. Hold the position for 5 seconds at each extreme. Next, bend from the waist and reach toward your toes. Then, spread your legs past shoulder's width, and reach toward the ground and slightly backward.

Next, returning to a standing position, rotate your torso back and forth for 15 seconds. Then, stretch one arm across your body. With the opposite hand, push your elbow toward your chest. You should feel the stretch in your shoulder. Hold this for 5 seconds, and repeat using the other arm. Next, roll your shoulders backward ten times, then forward ten times. Then, roll your neck slowly five times in each direction.

Now, using your hand push on the fingers of the opposite hand, back toward the body, in order to stretch the wrist. Hold for five seconds and switch hands.

Next, standing up straight again, raise one foot backwards, touching the heel to the buttocks. Using the hand on the same side of the body, grab the raised foot at the ankle. Feel the stretch in your quads and hold it for seven seconds. Switch legs and repeat. Then find a wall or fence. Push against it with your hands as your feet remain planted, one forward and one back. Push your feet down into the ground and backward as you push on the wall. Feel the stretch in your calf. Hold for 10 seconds. Switch and repeat.

Now sit down on the ground. Stretch your legs straight ahead and reach for your toes. Feel the stretch in your hamstring and hold for 7 seconds. Next sit Indian style, but instead of crossing your ankles touch your feet to one another. Press gently down on your knees, feeling the stretch in your groin. Hold for 7 seconds.

Now, leaving one leg in place, stretch the other leg over the stationary leg and plant your foot on the ground on the far end of the stationary knee. Then, move the arm opposite the moving leg across your body, resting its elbow against the knee of the moving leg. Hold for 7 seconds. Switch and repeat.

Finally, lay down on your back. Put your hands above your head and resting on the ground as if you are signaling a touch down. Raise one knee, and keeping your back on the ground let it fall slowly across your body. Hold for 10 seconds. Switch and repeat.

Now you are stretched, flexible, and ready to play injury free tennis. Enjoy.