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Turkey hunting is a sport that is not for all hunters. It is one of the hardest types of hunting there is. It takes a lot of skill, endurance, patience, and a whole lot of luck to bag a trophy bird.

Tennessee's turkey flock has really increased over the last decade. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and other state agencies have reaaly worked hard to bring back the wild turkey to this area. They can be found almost anywhere in the state now.

The current limit for harvest of the wild turkey is one per hunter each year, with a valid license and big game stamp. Tennessee offers many public lands and refuges that you can hunt on. Most of these are available to the general public if you purchase a permit.

Here are a few items that I recommend you have when you plan on a turkey hunt. Most of these can be found at your local sporting goods store.

1. I wear full camoflauge with a face mask. Choose the pattern that will blend in best with the area you are hunting.

2. Turkey call, there is many differnt ones you can choose from. I suggest using the one that works best for you.

3. I use some sort of cover scent to cover my human scent.

4. This is not necessary, but I like to use one when I hunt. A blind is a very versatile piece of equipment that if used properly will yield great results.

5. A good 10 or 12 guage shotgun. I like to use one with a longer barrel and a full choke.

6. I always try to use 3 1/2 inch shells that are at least #6 shot.

Now that you have all of your equipment it is time to hit the woods. The turkey is a very smart bird and it is hard to sneak up on it. I always get my blind set up in a good area and just wait. I call for a while and then I wait. It takes a lot of patience, but if you are lucky that big bird will come to you.