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Graduation awaits. You are about to conquer four years of college but the real world awaits. You've always wanted to be a sportscaster but you're beginning to realize you're not alone! Here are a few tips on getting started in broadcasting.

First of all, it's important to know that in this business, grades aren't as important as EXPERIENCE. How can you get experience as a college student? Hopefully your school has a radio and/or television station or studio on campus. Get started as early in your college career as possible, as someone willing to do any kind of work there is. Even if you don't get on the air right away, put in extra time on weekends just learning how to do things. Shadow a junior or senior and learn what they do. Volunteer to help with color commentary on a basketball game. Serve as a member of the floor crew. Get that base of knowledge and go!

Internships are very valuable. You might even gain some hands-on experience and some contacts you can use later. Try a smaller station that will let you do something besides get the anchors coffee. Some smaller markets might even let you work your way up to a part-time on-air job if you show a willingness to work and interest in the profession. Broadcast pros love to share their knowledge. If you can't be on the payroll, you might be able to "practice" with the real crews when they go out on stories or perhaps after work, you could tape the sportscast the pro has just completed. You'll be way ahead of your competition once it's time to look for work.

The resume tape is vital. You MUST have one if you want an on-air position. If you can put one together at a network affiliate through an internship, great. If not, do the best you can at school. There ARE entry level jobs out there, but you'll need to show you CAN do the work. Before you get to interview the NFL star, you might have to show your stuff by covering city council or doing a feature on your school's golf team.

Check out the professional web sites for tips on resumes, resume tapes and job hunting. Some have open forums that allow you to ask questions and read about what people in the business are saying.

Lastly, be aggressive. Put in the extra hours and absorb all of the knowledge you can. It's a competitive business, but it's possible to succeed if you have the passion, professionalism and pride in your work!