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Snowboarding, a sport that’s been synonymous with things like rock music, extreme lifestyles and most importantly young people, is starting to become a little more mainstream. Attracted by the prospect of fewer knee blowouts and the familiar slalom movement, this year the sport is coming home to Mas and Pops. So for all of those snow bums who are trying to stay hip, here’s a list of what you’ll need to break into the snowboarding scene.
· Board: A board with bindings should cost you around $500. You should know that there are two different types that you can choose from: alpine boards and freestyle. Freestyle boards are commonly used in the U.S. because there is no true front or back of the board. The owner of a
freestyle board can ride with either shoulder pointing towards the bottom of the hill. Alpine boards, however, must be chosen according to a righty or lefty preference.
· Bindings and Boots: Owners of freestyle boards will require boots that aren’t too different from regular snow boots, and fit loosely into the board’s bindings. Alpine boards require boots that are more like ski boots. With an alpine board your back foot will always remain behind you and is locked more securely to the board’s bindings.
· Clothing: Baggy clothing is required for snowboarding. A loose fit isn’t only a fashion requirement, but it’ll make you much more comfortable while moving around on the slopes. When deciding what jacket and pants to choose, your clothing must meet the test of standard knee, butt and elbow wear. Beginning snowboarders will probably find
themselves resting on these body parts more often than they’d like. Boarders also spend more time with their hands in the snow. Thick, reinforced gloves with gaiters that come up to the elbows are also essential.