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For skiers, this question is about as important as a racecar driver who asks how large his tires should be. Most people feel comfortable flirting around ski sizes as long as the skis are a few inches above their head. However, if you want the perfect fit that will give you just what you need on the slopes, here are a few considerations when selecting an appropriate ski length.

· Beginning skiers should keep their skis shorter, somewhere in the ball park of 4 feet in length. The reasoning is this: the longer your skis are, the quicker you will pick up speed. Longer skis also make it more difficult for the skier to carve out his or her turns thus causing that person to slip out of control more easily. Be honest with yourself. If you don’t have plenty of experience on the slopes, an extra inch or two on your skis can be the difference between having a good time, or becoming a skiing casualty.
· If you are a more experienced skier you will find that choosing a ski from 4 to 8 inches longer is appropriate. Persons who are more familiar with how skis respond to different snow conditions should feel comfortable with the extra precision that longer skis can give them.
· Finally, if you are an extremely aggressive skier you could choose skis that are five feet in length or longer. Chances are, these people know who they are. It would be ill-advised to suggest that anyone buy such long skis if they aren’t completely confident in their skiing abilities.