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In order to play some serious tennis it is crucial that one knows how to keep score while playing the game. One must know how to keep score within a game. One must also know how to keep track of sets, and ultimately know when the match is over. Keeping score in tennis is not too tricky until you come upon a tiebreaker. Keeping score in a tiebreaker is not too difficult if you learn how to do it just once.
A complete tennis match consists of a 2 out of 3 set match. The first person to win two sets wins the match. In professional tennis men’s matches sometimes consist of a 3 out of 5 set match. When each person playing wins a set apiece they are said to have “split-sets.” The person who wins the next set wins the match.
A set is made up of six games. In order to win the set you must win by at least two games. One can win a set at a score of 6-0,6-1,6-2, 6-3,6-4,7-5, or 7-6. In order to win 7-6 a tiebreaker must be played out.
In order to win a game one must win 4 points before his or her opponent does. The game is scored as follows. If you win the first point you are now winning 15-love. If you win the next point you are now leading 30-love. If you win the next point you are now said to be leading 40-love. Ultimately if you win the next point you have won the game. The numbers don’t signify anything more than 15 is the first point, 30 is the second point, and 40 is the third point. The winner of the game must win by at least two points. If the game is tied at 40-40 than the game is said to be “Deuce.” The winner of the next point is said to have advantage, or his ad. If you are the server and you have the “advantage” than it is called “ad-in.” If you are not the server and you have won the advantage point than it is said to be “ad-out.”
Some examples of scores within a game are: 40-love, 40-15, 30-30, 15-0, 15-15, 40-30.
If the game is tied than there is a way to say the score instead of saying,” 30 to 30.” Most will say the score is 30 all. The term “all” means the score is tied.
If you are playing a set and the score in games gets to be 6-6, then it is time to play a tiebreaker. In order to score a tiebreaker, you must play best of 12 points. It is the first one to win 7 points winning by at least 2. The scoring is easy, but the tricky part is knowing how to play the tiebreaker.
Whose turn it is to serve begins serving the tiebreaker. He or she will serve once from the deuce side of the court. The opponent, starting on the ad side of the court, will serve the next two points. Then the other player will serve the next two points starting again on the ad side. This continues until someone wins 7 points winning by at least 2. The final rule of a tiebreaker is to switch sides after every 6 points.
This is how you keep score in the game of tennis. Hopefully the next time you are out on the court you will be teaching your opponent how to play and show him or her who the king of the court really is.